Intracity tunnels for underground railway, sewer pipelines and other infrastructure facilities are nearly always driven with the tunnel boring machine (TBM). However, this machine is not able to directly penetrate through underground pit walls reinforced by steel reinforcement. In this case, TBM shall be stopped and the walls shall be broken by hand. For which purpose the soil behind the wall shall be stabilized. This problem has been solved by application of ARM STRUCTURE ™ reinforcement in the area of wall perforation of soil excavated by TBM. The machine penetrates directly through the wall that reduces the operation time and construction costs, as well as increases the process safety level for workers and reduces operational costs for TBM maintenance. Due to high strength, corrosion stability and durability of this reinforcement, it is great to use on the engineering protection structures reinforcement.

By virtue of physical and mechanical properties of fiber-glass composite material, the
ARM STRUCTURE ™ reinforcement is ideally suited for engineering protection facilities and
structures that shall be bored or split open:

  • Consolidation of pit walls during tunneling;
  • Walls of near-entrance sites and trenches;
  • Retaining walls, slurry-type walls;
  • Advanced soil nailing;
  • In-situ and bored-secant piles;
  • Temporary concrete structures;
  • Subways for installation of utility lines;
  • Base stabilization.