Characteristics Steel reinforcement of А500С class
as per GOST R 52544-2006
Fiber-glass composite reinforcement
ARM SCTRUCTURE ™ as per GOST 31938-2012
Material Thermo mechanically treated hot-rolled steel
St3SP, St3PS, St3GPS
Polymer-bound glass fibers
Ultimate tensite strenght, MPa 500 (600) 1000-1300
Module of elasticity, MPa 200000 50000
Tensite elongation, % 14 2,2
Behavior pattern under stress (stress-strain relation) Curved graph with yield line under stress Straight-line graph with
Dencity, t/m³ 7,85 2
Corrosion resistance to aggressive environments Corrodes with emission rust Stainless material of chemical resistance group, including
resistance to alkaline enviroment of the concrete
Thermal conduction coefficient, W/m*K 56 0,23
Electrical conductanse, magnetic susceptibility Electrically conductive, ferromagnetic material Dielectric, diamagnetic material
Diameters of produced rods, mm 6-40 4-36
Range of operation temperatures, °С -55 < +600 -70 < +150
Environmental compatibility Environmentally compliant Does not emil harmful and toxic substances
when stored in operation
Durability Varying depending on actual operating conditions
and anticorrosion protection
80 years and over
Thermal coefficient of linear expansion, 10−6 °С−1 13-15 10-12 (as the concrete)
Rod lenght, m 11,75 Any lenght as per Consumer requirements,
bars of up to ø12mm are coiled