The design department

Undoubtedly, the engine of progress, including the development, introduction and mass application of new building materials, is a research project.

Scientific and Production Association “Structure” devotes a special role research of composite polymer materials, are actively collaborating with leading research institutes, “SIC” Construction “NIIZhB them. A.A. Gvozdeva, CNIISK. V.A. Kucherenko, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM), Siberian Research Institute of building materials and new technologies.

Our goal – to develop the industry of composite technology to support innovative ideas in this area and bring to market competitive products of the highest quality.

The head of the design department of LLC RPA “Structure” is N.A. Bakhtamyan – a civil engineer, a graduate student of the Faculty of Civil Engineering FGBOU IN “KubGAU”. He defended his master’s thesis on “Survey of technical condition of the 19-storey two-section residential building in the city of Krasnodar with the development of recommendations for strengthening slabs traditional and progressive techniques”, whose main aim is the theoretical and experimental study of a number of aspects and properties of the composite steel reinforcement, which further has been used to develop recommendations to strengthen the slabs of an apartment building. Currently, within the framework of the master’s thesis is carried out research work on the topic: “The strength, deformability and fracture bent concrete elements with combined reinforcement of composite and steel reinforcement.”

Publications, articles:

Bakhtamyan N.A. Strength, deformability and fracture bent concrete elements with combined reinforcement of composite and steel bars / Bakhtamyan NA, Degtyarev GV .// X All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists “Scientific support of agro-industrial complex”, 2016 .;

Bakhtamyan N.A. Technological aspects of the reinforcement of the foundations of the composite reinforcement / Bakhtamyan NA, Degtyarev GV .// Scientific creativity of youth – Step into the Future !: sourcebook II All-Russian scientific-practical conference of post-graduate students and young scientists, 2014 .;

Bakhtamyan N.A. Analysis and comparison charts “stress-strain” composite and steel bars / Bakhtamyan N.A., Degtyarev G.V. .// VIII All-Russian scientific-practical conference of young scientists dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the P.F. Baruch, 2014

All this allows us to offer our customers a composite reinforcement that meets the highest requirements.