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About us

NPO «Struktura»

In 2016, by combining the efforts of several enterprises, we created the Research and Production Association “Struktura” and organized the production of modern composite materials under the «ARM STRUCTURE ». brand. The result of this merger was a company where each product business line is responsible for ensuring the full life cycle of products: research and development, production, marketing and sales, support during the production of construction and installation works, whose specialists are ready to take on the implementation of any project from the moment of concept development. before putting the finished object into operation.

Based on scientific research, we are constantly improving our production so that the needs of our customers are met quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price. Therefore, despite the speed of production, the quality of our glass composite reinforcement complies with GOST 31938-2012, which is confirmed by the certificates of conformity issued to us GOST R ROSS RU.AG35.N01850 and APB.RU.OS2 / 2.H.00788 and the test report of NIIZhB named after A. .AND. Gvozdev.

We are convinced that modern construction requires materials that are more practical, durable and economical than traditional ones.

Our competencies

  • Full development cycle of innovative construction products;
  • Prototyping and testing in a certified laboratory;
  • Analysis of design solutions using steel reinforcement with the subsequent provision of replacement albums with composite (fiberglass) reinforcement;
  • Performing verification calculations of structures reinforced with composite (fiberglass) reinforcement.
  • Advising design and construction organizations, construction support and expertise;
  • Development of design and working documentation using composite reinforcement;
  • Development of special technical conditions for the structural part of design documentation for objects using composite reinforcement and their subsequent approval by OOO NIIZhB, Moscow and the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation.
  • Modern production lines;
  • Certified products;
  • A wide range of nomenclature and fittings.
Marketing and Sales:
  • Providing high quality certified products;
  • Formation of project documentation in accordance with the wishes of the Customer;
  • Unlimited sales markets;
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of the quality of service;
  • Open for dialogue and discussion of forms of cooperation;
  • Loyalty programs for designers and purchasing services;
  • Reasonable prices, system of discounts.

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