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Prefabricated latch (stool)

Prefabricated latch (stool) is designed to provide the necessary protective layer of reinforcing bars and wire of the welded mesh in the horizontal plane of monolithic structures. “Stool” is used for the construction of horizontal sections of foundations, floor slabs, reinforced concrete floors and sidewalk surfaces. When installing the retainer on a soft surface (soil, sand, thermal insulation materials, etc.), you must use a special support for the retainer.

Prefabricated latch (stool) «ARM STRUCTURE TM»
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* the final cost of the goods and the size of the discount are discussed individually for each client


Low weight
Dielectric, diamagnet
Corrosion resistance
Convenient transportation
Wide operating temperature range
Chemical resistance
High strength
Any face-to-face length
Low thermal conductivity
Uprugost' Elasticity
Eco-friendly production

Scope of application

Civil objects
Specialized medical institutions
Laboratories of research and innovation centers
Energy complex facilities
Objects for marine, industrial and hydraulic engineering purposes
Agricultural facilities
Engineering protection structures
Transport infrastructure facilities

Choosing reinforcement clamps manufactured by NPO STRUCTURA LLC, you get not only high-quality products with a constant assortment in stock, but also a decent system of discounts depending on the volume of your orders!
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