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Polypropylene fiber – This is an excellent reinforcing additive for any kind of concrete, which increases strength and at the same time reduces the number of cracks in the structure used. Building structures made with basalt fiber are especially effective for use in regions with high seismic activity. Fiber meets strict ISO 9001 quality standards and we provide a warranty on all composite materials.

Glass fiber «ARM STRUCTURE TM»
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* the final cost of the goods and the size of the discount are discussed individually for each client


Low weight
Dielectric, diamagnet
Corrosion resistance
Convenient transportation
Wide operating temperature range
Chemical resistance
High strength
Any face-to-face length
Low thermal conductivity
Eco-friendly production

Сфера применения

Civil objects
Specialized medical institutions
Laboratories of research and innovation centers
Energy complex facilities
Marine, industrial and hydrotechnical facilities
Agricultural facilities
Engineering protection structures
Transport infrastructure facilities

Doubt about the choice between polypropylene and metal fibers? Our specialists are ready to make a design solution using steel fiber and provide all the necessary verification calculations for its replacement with a composite one, as well as to implement the project from the moment of concept to the commissioning of the facility.
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