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Glass composite reinforcement

Composite reinforcement – a modern building material that is used in construction for reinforcing foundations, walls, floor slabs, brick and aerated concrete masonry of buildings and structures. OOO NPO Struktura offers composite reinforcement made in accordance with GOST 31938-2012 on the basis of the test report of the A.A. Gvozdev, certificates of conformity GOST R ROSS RU.AG35.N01850, APB.RU.OS2 / 2.H.00788.

Glass composite reinforcement «ARM STRUCTURE TM»
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Differences between composite reinforcement and metal

Specifications Steel reinforcement class A500C in accordance with GOST R 52544-2006 Composite fiberglass rebar«ARM STRUCTURE™» according to GOST 31938-2012
Material Hot-rolled steel, thermomechanically hardened St3SP, St3PS, St3GPS Polymer bonded glass fibers
Tensile strength (ultimate strength), MPa 500 (600) 1000-1300
Tensile modulus, MPa 20000 50000
Tensile elongation,% 14 2,2
Behavior under load (stress-strain relationship) Curvilinear diagram with yield plate under load Straight-line diagram with elastic dependence under load to failure
Density, т/м³ 7,85 2
Corrosion resistance to aggressive media Corrodes with the release of rust products Corrosion-resistant material of the first group of chemical resistance, including to the alkaline environment of concrete
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, Вт/м*К 56 0,23
Electrical conductivity, magnetic susceptibility Electrically conductive, ferromagnetic Dielectric, diamagnet
Diameters of produced profiles, mm 6-40 4-36
Operating temperature range, °С -55 < +600 -70 < +150
Sustainability Environmentally friendly Does not emit harmful and toxic substances during storage and operation
Durability Depends on operating conditions and corrosion protection At least 80 years old
Linear thermal expansion coefficient, 10−6 °С−1 13-15 10-12 (like concrete)
Bar length, м 11,75 Any length at the request of the Customer, rods up to ø12mm are coiled

Scope of application

Doubt about the choice between fiberglass and metal reinforcement? Our specialists are ready to make a design solution using steel reinforcement and provide all the necessary verification calculations for replacing it with composite reinforcement, as well as to implement the project from the moment of concept to the commissioning of the facility.
You can buy composite reinforcement in our online store or use the services of the sales department by filling out the feedback form.

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